WEBINAR EADV Sharing COVID Experience throught Europe

On Thursday 16th of April  , EADV started a series of webinars on COVID-19. They have been organized by EADV School. The first one of the series was: SHARING COVID EXPERIENCE THROUGH EUROPE. The panel was amazing and different countries (Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Chezch Republic, UK) shared their experience. I was in charge of the [...]

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EADV Madrid 2019

This years´s EADV Congress was in Madrid, from 9-13th of October. For me, it was an opportunity to meet friends and my daughter Leonor who came along to support me in a complicated and painful moment of my life. I had to work on two sessions: one chared by my good friend Prof. Matilda Bylaite-Bucinskiene  [...]

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EADV Report 2018

It was a great surprise to see my Fostering COurse in Cryosurgery mentioned at the last EADV Report 2018. Emilia Duarte, one of the participants, had some very nice words towards our course . Thanks; Emilia and thanks, EADV, This is very motivating. We hope to do it better in our 3rd edition, next December [...]

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El pasado 12-16 de Septiembre asistí al 27º Congreso de la Academia Europea de Dermatología y Venereologia (EADV). Es un congreso anual que ocurre en esta época del año. Nos tocó en esta oportunidad París, una ciudad a la que siempre es grato volver. Durante este congreso fui chairman de una de las sesiones dedicadas [...]

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EADV Specialist Course – The Art of Observation – Visual Literacy for Dermatologist

I registered for a EADV specialist course that was a real surprise to me:  The Art of Observation - Visual Literacy for Dermatologist. Organized by Dr Christopher E.M. Griffiths (Manchester) and  Dr Sarah Walsh (London), the course dealed with an uncommon approach to dermatology: skin seen through art We spent two days at the Wallace Collection and [...]

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Fostering Course in Cryosurgery, Barcelona 2018

We just finished my 2nd Edition of Fostering Course in Cryosurgery 2018 which was held in Barcelona, at the Teknon Clinic. With residents and specialists from 22 countries, with spent two intense days of theory and practice on the use of subzero temperatures. The faculty was George Gaitanis, Azael Freites-Martinez, Christo Zouboulis, José Silva-Siwady and [...]

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Skin cancer: Safe work under the sun. European Parliament. EADV Campaign

On March 27th 2018 we had our annual meeting at the European Parliament dedicated to sun protection for outdoor workers. The host this year was MEP Marita Ulskog and co-hosts MEP Jens Gieseke and Alojz Peterle. This event was organized by EADV (#EADV, https://www.eadv.org/ ; ECL, Association of European Cancer Leagues https://www.europeancancerleagues.org/  https://www.europeancancerleagues.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/EU-Parliament-Event_Skin_Cancer_Report_March-2018_revised.pdf; ETUI, European Trade Union Institute https://www.etui.org/content/search?SearchText=skin+cancer&x=0&y=0 ) [...]

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El congreso de la Academia Europea de Dermatologia y Venereologia (EADV) se celebró el pasado 14-17/septiembre/2017 en la ciudad de Ginebra, Suiza. Tuve el honor de participar como profesora y fui chairman del Simposio "Physical Therapies" en donde además di la conferencia "Cryotherapy and cryolipoysis: An update". Como miembro del PR and Media Committee, organizamos [...]

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