On March 27th 2018 we had our annual meeting at the European Parliament dedicated to sun protection for outdoor workers. The host this year was MEP Marita Ulskog and co-hosts MEP Jens Gieseke and Alojz Peterle. This event was organized by EADV (#EADV, https://www.eadv.org/ ; ECL, Association of European Cancer Leagues https://www.europeancancerleagues.org/  https://www.europeancancerleagues.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/EU-Parliament-Event_Skin_Cancer_Report_March-2018_revised.pdf; ETUI, European Trade Union Institute https://www.etui.org/content/search?SearchText=skin+cancer&x=0&y=0 )

It was a great experience and we left feeling that things are moving, slowly but surely, in favor of outdoor workers who have an increase risk of getting skin cancer due to sun exposure.

We also had the opportunity, as PR and Media committee for EADV, to meet and discuss further actions.