My newest publication just came out. It is the result of a research that took me several years and the inconditional help and precious ideas from my friends Salvador, Gonzalo, Alfonso, Stefano, Roberto e Vincenzi.

The title is Monitoring sequential treatment of actinic keratosis using post-processed images: ingenol mebutate and cryosurgery. It is published in the prestigious Photodermatology, Photoimmunology and Photomedicine Medical Journal , in a special number dedicate to the memory of an extraordinary and special human being, Nik Kollias. I was fortunate to have met him many years ago and able to have him write an atlas for my cryosurgery book. He was one of those fantastic human beings that life put in your life.

Thanks Nik for being such a special human being. We all miss you!

Thanks to the editors for giving us the opportunity to participate in this special issue.