This years´s EADV Congress was in Madrid, from 9-13th of October. For me, it was an opportunity to meet friends and my daughter Leonor who came along to support me in a complicated and painful moment of my life.

I had to work on two sessions: one chared by my good friend Prof. Matilda Bylaite-Bucinskiene  from Lithuania and myself, on Non Melanoma skin cancer.  I lectured on Clinical and pathological spectrum: Squamous cell carcinoma. I had to run then to my next session, which a shared chairing with my other dear friend, CHrista de Cuyper form Belgium. We worked together with Mytho Trakatelli from Greece and Peter Greenhouse from UK on our Media session titled » How to give a good presentation» .

It is a session we have been doing for years: it is a lot of fun and attendees enjoy a lot.

After several working meetings with EADV School and Teledermatology Task Force, I left Madrid back home.

Our next meeting will be in Vienna 2020!

The EADV Media Session Team with Prof Yuping Ran from China