Thanks to my good friend Dr Jayakar Thomas, I was invited to participate at the International Conference on Dermatopathology DERMPATH 2017. This meeting was organized by Sree Balaji Medical College and Bharath University of Chennai, India.
So..I found myself in Southern India from 26th to 27th. The meeting was wonderful: very nicely organized, nice speakers. Great level!
Dr. Thomas, Drs. Kumar and Denish Parimalam and Dr. Manoharan are full of little details that made us speakers fell pampered at all time.
My two topics were: High Frequency Ultrasound in the managment of skin malignacies and The many faces of Basal Cell Carcinomas and their managment.
My other guest collegues gave very thorough presentations: Zac Handler and Rajendra Singh (USA), Maadh Aldouri (UK), Johannes Flores (Philippines) , Ramam , Reddy , Ramesh and Devi (India).

Thanks a million, Jayakar!